Benefits of Being a PERC Member

  • You will receive our “I Love to Read” package this winter which will help you celebrate literacy with children and colleagues.

  • You will receive a P.E.R.C. Newsletter which we intend to publish to keep you informed about literacy happenings in our region.

  • You will be eligible to attend our own PD sessions or those sponsored by the Manitoba Reading Association at reduced rates.

  • (Also, if you are planning to attend any of the MRA SAGE sessions, take advantage of an opportunity to save by renewing your P.E.R.C. membership.)

  • A portion of your annual membership fee ($3) goes to the MRA to support the ongoing literacy work of this provincial body.

We have kept our membership fees the same for another year at $20.00

Want to become a member of PERC? Download and fill out our membership form.